Some things just shouldn’t happen

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray dear Lord our house to keep

My Daddy looked for work all day

The tow truck took our car away

and Mommy cried in front of us

She said we’ll have to take the bus

Dad came home; he looks so mad

When Mommy cries, it makes him sad

All I can do is sit and pray

that they’ll not take my dog away

He makes me laugh; he’s lots of fun

I play with him, we skip and run

He’s my best friend, and I am his

We made a pact, and here it is:

Where ever you go, there I will be

Cause you’re my dog, and you love me

So help us Lord to stay together

On sunny days and windy weather

He’s more than dog, he’s more than friend

He’s my brother lord, and his name is Ben


Today as I dropped off another van-load of rescued golden retrievers at the Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Sanctuary, I saw a family in tears. Mother, Father, daughter and son. I didn’t need to ask – I knew why they were there. It happens all too often. Job goes, house goes, family goes, and no place left for the dog. At least this family did the right thing. They brought their beloved pet to a shelter where it will be well taken care of and a new family will be found. When I found this old photograph of my friend’s son and his dog, it made me think of that boy today, red-eyed and crushed, and I wrote the poem for all those kids out there, and all their much-loved pets.

This piece was submitted for Imperfect Prose

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34 responses to “Some things just shouldn’t happen

  1. Beautiful poem…and completely heartbreaking. I’m glad that family did the right thing for their beloved dog, but I can only imagine how painful that was for them all.

    • Thanks, Talon. It only just hit me – that family gave up their dog on 9-11. Another reason not to forget the courage it takes to give up our lives or those of the pets we love, in order to ensure others live. For that boy, giving up his dog was a tragedy – perhaps the first time he experienced grief. And yes, he did do the right thing.

  2. blackwatertown

    Good poem. I like the humour, pathos and humanity you display in this and the other work you have posted.

  3. beautiful poem,
    the image is super cute…
    love dogs, they are the best friends of human beings…

    Thanks for joining in!

  4. True indeed, and wonderful poem!=D

    And this is something I always tell myself, if you wanna have a pet, be responsible for it, if not don’t ever think of having one, but if you do have one, take care of it :D, and you can no longer have him by you side, send it to someone who can take good care of him =P
    Pets are like human, they all need love and care:)~

    Thank you for sharing in Poetry Potluck, have a great week!<3

  5. That’s so sad… a breaking family is one of worst that one can see/face/experience!
    Losing a dog in that matter must really be horrid! So helpless sorta…

    A lovely poem expressing that sentiment, Cindy..

    • Thanks Kavita. I can still see that boy’s face. I’m such a sop when it comes to children and animals. Wish I could cure all their ills. Just can’t do it. Darn. I’m only human. Darn. Wish I were God sometimes…

  6. OMW…I cried reading this Cindy, on even more so when I read this happend on 9-11!! I cannot imagine my life without my dog, reading this made me realize just how fortunate and blessed I am, my heart goes out to those families and children in that position. Thanks from my heart for joining Potluck, it is such an honor to have you there!! You know that you are loved and treasured my friend xxxx

  7. This is utterly tragic and a perfect representation of what is happening all over the US right now. Great write. Love and Light, Sender

  8. Oh, this made me sad and opened my eyes, just a bit. No, more than a bit.
    Every experience, a poem.

  9. What sorrow and truth! A boy and his dog should be allowed to stay together as long as they can. (That picture is priceless)

    Thanks for passing this dish for the potluck!

  10. signed .............bkm

    Terribly, terribly sad …there is so much pain out there right now…i can not even imagine how bad it was during the depression….thank you for sharing….it makes me grateful….bkm

  11. I love the photo and the poem pulled at my heart strings. Lovely job.

  12. Such a sad poem. You really do an excellent job of showing how important our animal friends are to us. Nicely done.

    Mine is here.

  13. this piece made me cry. i have a pet dog named heaven (because that was how i felt when i first set eyes on him) and 3 lovely kids. i can’t imagine a household without all of them.

    • What a wonderful way to name your dog – If I did the same, I’d have to name mine Grateful, because that’s how she makes me feel every day. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Sorry about the tears!

  14. tis is sweet- brings us all down to reality..

  15. Chloe

    This brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful photo and an amazing poem which expresses the way a child looks at life through the hard times. I think of my little dog as my daughter so I can definately relate to this – they could take my house and everything in it, but they couldn’t have her xx

  16. Oh that was so good. You captured the perspective of a child in an incredible manner. I just found out about a competition that you should definitely consider. It needs to be original, not yet posted or published and twenty lines long. I am sure you could come up with a follow up to this great poem as an entry.

    I may just enter as well.

  17. simple tale, sadly and plainly told, the whole feel of the confidentiality and openness of the prayer of a child’s heart.
    and with the lack of mawkishness or sugar coated fake sentimentality often associated with this type of piece you have made this as real a depiction of what goes on in the poor kids heart as i could hope for.
    truly affecting

    • Wow, when I wrote the poem, I had tears in my eyes, and when I read it to my sweetheart, he got tears in his eyes; now as I read your kind comments, tears visit my eyes again. How lovely a thing is writing, making eyes shine.

      Thank you.

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