For Kay: Remembering Geoffrey

In the trembling ether

of three candles’ breath

We sat through the moment

of Geoffrey’s death

humbled by his generous heart

He who guarded both person and cat

as if his life were only for that

and all he asked in return

was closeness to us

He’d nudge a hand or press

the weight of his chin against skin

His eyes spoke more than language can

His tail, always applauding

never failed to cheer those watching

The candle flames dip and glow

almost as if they know

that today a great soul is passing

Geoffrey – the Lab x Rottweiler dog who lived and loved for 18 faithful years



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12 responses to “For Kay: Remembering Geoffrey

  1. This is so sad. It’s the third post by one of my blogging friends about the loss of a beloved pet in the past week. And I cry every time. But I glad that Geoffrey had such a long life with those who loved him. Lovely tribute.

    • Thank you so much Patti. I know it will be of great comfort to my friend Kay to know that others had a chance to see Geoffrey’s photo and learn something of him. He really was a special boy, and I know you understand what he meant to his friends. Bless you for your comments.

  2. Rich

    Beautiful. And I get it.

  3. Pat Wentling

    That was a lovely eulogy to a four-footed friend. Yes, they surely give unconditional love without asking for much in return.

  4. ZQ

    I read this to my best friend Bubba (my 13yr old cocker spaniel), and we both recognized the joy and gratitude you expressed.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your fur kid!

  6. Nel

    His eyes spoke more than language can.

    This is a heart-warming piece. It reminded me of how Snickers, my terrier/poodle cross who is now among the stars, looked at me while I was crying after finding out my then-boyfriend was cheating on me. Dogs have the most soulful eyes. They know exactly how you feel.

    Hoping you are well,

  7. Blessings on Geoffrey, who so enriched his world. It’s good that his great soul was recognised and appreciated. I’m sure he was happy in the love of his people.

  8. bless you, admirable showcase.

    Hello, you win perfect poet award for week 56, hope that you have enjoyed it.
    It has been a delightful experience with you supporting Thursday Poets Rally, we have enjoyed your presence and talent very much, thumbs up!
    fabulous poetry along the way, keep those gems coming.
    Always, you are more than welcome to join our biweekly rally.
    Happy Holidays!

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