Letter to My Sister on her Travels

Dear Sis,

The India photos are stunning;

I can almost smell the aromas and rank odors

and hear the voices of washing women, holy men

and cows echoing demands across sacred water.

I visit your webpage and I feel you – right there,

deep in the village in Botswana -shutter flashing,

gracious smiles of women who open their homes

and feed you their fattest grubs;

a delicacy they’ve waited all year to feast upon,

saving the best for you, and presenting with hands

like skin-draped branches, old and gnarled at twenty two.

It’s like looking through the eyes of your soul

reflected in the faces of strangers;

dark, wise faces, open, cautious faces,

faces with only hope to lift them.

It will be good when you’re back.

We can walk our dogs beside the river

like we did in the spring, laughing

about our expectations and dreams

knowing anything might happen.

I want to see the person that,

with a lens

and a suitcase

and a curiosity about people in other worlds,

especially the women,

sought the woman

inside herself.

I have seen her many times

so I know who and where she is

But I just want to ask,

Did you find her?



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8 responses to “Letter to My Sister on her Travels

  1. The last 2 lines of the poem were a KILLER!
    With your words, you’ve created an image that’s probably more vivid than reality itself! And this image is etched in my mind…for good!
    This is really a great poem!

  2. But I just want to ask, did you find her…wow..so powerful and vivid imagination. Loved it! x

    • Thanks, Amanda. I noticed that so far all the positive feedback on this poem has been from women. It makes me wonder whether men never think this way, or they just wouldn’t ask. Or maybe for them, the whole thing just falls flat. Interesting… Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. The ending is breath taking. I’ve been thinking about the woman I am. Such a great metaphor…the photographer. The [actual] photo here is darling too! Beautiful ‘letter.’ Sue

    • Thanks, Sue. When my daughter got married, about 10 years ago, many of her friends that came to the wedding were new to me, since she had grown up and left home several years before. It felt a bit strange, not knowing them. But I saw the love, friendship, and respect they had for her, giving me a new understanding of my daughter. The young woman she had become was reflected in their faces. That was the same kind of feeling I had when looking at the photos my friend took (she’s not actually my sister, but a close friend) – as if strangers were teaching me about her. The b&w is me and my real sister. She’s the cute one.

  4. when I read such beautiful poem, I think
    with what kind of love God created mankind ..
    very sorry that we do not always notice this

    Thank U

    • Thank goodness that God created you, because you noticed. Keep noticing, this is good. Others will wonder what you are noticing, see your smile, and do the same. Thank you for your kind comments.

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