Goosedown Sky


White feathers sail on blue

like the summer moult on Commons Pond

pillow stuffing for winter angels



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9 responses to “Goosedown Sky

  1. Perfect!! Intense striking image edged in my mind! Thanks for sharing x

  2. “Pillows stuffing for winter angels” — that’s the BEST description of a white cloud EVER!!!
    Such few words, and you’ve changed seasons and made trees sway… LOVELY Haiku!

    • You know, I sat with this haiku for three days, unsatisfied because all I did was describe the feathers in the sky and mention the pond. It just didn’t feel finished so I played with it, forgot it, played with it again. Then I was walking my dog, Libby, and there were some more of these light feathery clouds, and they looked like pillow stuffing – strewn all over the sky. Suddenly I knew what the haiku needed, so I went home and gave the angels pillows. Until 2 months ago, I never wrote any haiku, but once started, I doubt I’ll ever stop. It is training me to get to the guts of an observation in 17 words (5-7-5) and to find the story in each one. This is, I think, what makes haiku good, versus boring or flat – finding that story or revelation. Haiku is often more challenging for me than 2 pages of my novel I’m working on. It’s really good discipline and stimulates my imagination. Thanks so much for your continuing support and comments.

      • Wowww.. from no Haiku, to a Haiku lover in about 2 months !! 🙂 That’s a dramatic change!
        But the 3 days you took to write this one surely paid off! You got the words and feelings just right, Cindy!!
        Considering the loooong poems I keep writing, a Haiku would be a really “big” challenge for me 🙂 But your words inspire me..and I too feel like trying the 5-7-5… Maybe it’s this challenge spirit in me that made me try the Sunday 160.. that too is quite interesting! A story in 160 characters or less… phew! And even in that, I stick to poetry (I have no idea why!) 🙂

        I love your enthusiasm and energy… Keep it flowing, and the Haikus and novels (yes, both) will keep flowing too..
        Lotsa love and hugs..

        • Okay, now you’ve got me interested. 160 characters or words? Hmmm. I’m going to have to chew that one for a while – what could possibly be told in 160 characters…
          Love and hugs back

          • Apparently, quite a bit!!! 🙂 Give it a shot whenever you can.. maybe this coming Sunday.. you will find the details at here. It is hosted by Monkey Man.. quite fun! I think you will enjoy it..
            (many hugs)

  3. sallyinengland

    I love this haiku – was introduced to haiku a few years ago – very special – I also love your blog Cindy – favourites your little grandchild sleeping under the tree, the mushroom book and the birdhouse
    Love being in touch with you – just returned from Dolmites and Venice – bliss but hard to be back
    love to you keep writing you inspire me

    • Sally!! Oh voice from the past – I can still hear you reading out loud, your soft tones rocking and soothing all chaos out of the day. I can imagine you in Venice on a gondola, slowly gliding through the shaded canal, under stone bridges that catch the first light of dawn and bounce voices of those few early risers off the passing walls, echoing soft conversations that drift and mingle with a rising Italian sun, promising another fascinating day. How absolutely lovely.

      Thanks so much for visiting and reading my blog, and mentioning your favorites. WordPress has become a valuable writer’s tool, that I use almost daily for motivation, experimenting, feedback, learning new methods, getting ideas and encouraging other writers. My ‘real writing’ is done five mornings a week when I produce my minimum discipline of at least 1,000 words/daily on a fiction novel. Once this is achieved, I’m allowed to come here and play. I hope you’ll continue to visit and enjoy. Feel free to leave any feedback or comments, and pass the blogsite on to others if you like. God bless, stay inspired and pass it on. That’s all any of us can ever really do.

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