Sweet Peach

I no longer have to share my peach

not even this, large and ripe as a Red Sox baseball

ready to play

leather smooth and fine in my hand

Glowing yellow slips and drips

its plum red core

creamy across my tongue

but the pleasure is somewhat wanting

I should be happy

to have this fruit

all to myself

sitting on my shelf, no longer at risk

of succumbing to other hands

hands that would take it to mouth and bite into flesh

without even thinking of sharing

Those hands would quickly be empty of peach

and full of its satisfaction

while I, complaining, though only in fun

would go and buy another

I never really minded

His pleasure pleased me

as much as the peach

pleased him

Now I have my own peach

carefully pitted and sliced

placed on earthenware inside up

blushing towards the sun

waiting for me to enjoy all by myself, all to myself

with no one to claim the bigger half

~ * ~

Last week’s bowl of ripe Skagit cherries

departed, silent with the season

that I never noticed leaving

The bowl sits on my counter, a barren vessel

If only I’d tasted one more rich orb

before having to wait for next year’s crop

knowing this was the best we’ve ever had

realizing the miracle of ripened fruit

If only I’d enjoyed a little longer

spitting the pits across the garden

one more time

The only thought that hovers now

like an uninvited guest

is that no one is here to share the bowl

or to challenge me, seeing if I could spit the pit

further than him

~ * ~ * ~ *

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12 responses to “Sweet Peach

  1. Such a lovely way of putting it using the peaches as an example to remind us that happiness can never be fully ours if we seek it in selfishness . Joys shared are indeed joys doubled . So what if you can only have half those slices, sharing it would have made it sweeter still. Pity when the intention is there and our circumstances leave us to partake of the peaches in solitude. Or is that an excuse? We can always find someone to share..the problem is perhaps that we have our biased preferences or concepts about who is worthy of our benefaction.

  2. This is such a lovely poem and peaches are such a way to put our feeling into perspective it is sad that nobody is there to challenge you in the end hope this will change

    • Thank you, Sarah. I made the decision to leave California and come up to the Pacific Northwest where I was headed 10 years ago, but got diverted by a very sweet, wonderful man who I love very much. The time seemed right for me to leave California for many reasons, and I’m really glad I made the move, but I sure do miss him at times. He’s coming up to live here in 2 years when he retires – that’s the plan anyway. You know what happens to plans though – sometimes they work out and sometimes they surprise you with something else. I’m so glad you popped in to enjoy my poem. By visiting your site, I got a FAB recipe for tonight’s supper!!

  3. waiting for next season, sweet fruits and lovely humors,
    you bet.

    glad to see you share.


    • There’s always next season to look forward to, but even better is the enjoyment of Now. The sentiments of feeling a little lonely can also have their own sweetness, when the feelings are used as creative fuel. Thanks for dropping by! I really like the long list of poetry prompt places on your site – good work!

  4. you made me drool with your write haha! i want my peach! my gooseberry.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/helpless/

  5. The regret and lonliness is palpable in this peach of a poem. I could see the missing of a loved one right away, but thought perhaps he had passed on. I’m so glad to hear he may one day again be sharing peaches and cherries with you!

    • Palpable – thank you! Missing him, yes, but no regrets, thankfully, as we communicate daily and look forward to long weekend visits. Thanks so much for visiting my site and your emapthic comments.

  6. Oh my dear, dear poet of love and loss and all good things that matter…sometimes I feel your poems are mirror images of some of my own. I think you know what I mean. I write of food and relationship and temporality, too, but you do it with this flow that just brings me to tears.

    • I feel the same way when I read your poetry. Each of us mirror life when we take time to observe the moments of discomfort and honor those moments by recognizing them – out loud. When we do so, it allows that particular form of energy to flow, and as you know, all movement is fascinating because it leads us somewhere. And basically, we are all travellers looking for a destination. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.

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