Kuai / Break-through


Thunderheads rising           riding blue streams 

on grey, chasing invisible dreams and destinies

seeking indigo mountains past rivered foothills


All the while  an egret stands – brilliant white 

in sun – goldened light,  legs deep  in verdant 

grass meadows,  oblivious of gathering storm



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7 responses to “Kuai / Break-through

  1. Wonderful portrait in words here…matches the image so well.

    • Thank you so much for writing! On Sunday giant thunderheads filled the sky – so ominous, while below the most beautiful scene of egrets still in sunshine. It made me think how often one person may be suffering while the next is celebrating, or how the world seems so peaceful one moment and all hell breaks loose the next. Life is so fragile, yet strong. The I Ching on my bookshelf has been thumbed through for so many years, some of the pages are worn. Often nature reminds me of pages in my book. Sunday’s scene seemed to illustrate the hexagram Breakthrough (Kuai) where the trigram, “The Joyous” sits above the trigram, “The Creative.” As a writer, I feel the need for solitude and peace, yet also for the turmoil that builds, so that at some point it can all reach a breaking point. Hopefully, the result will spill out in words that frame a story or a piece of writing that resonates with others. If it does, the result for me is joy. Your comment therefore, is a welcome gift. Thank you.

  2. It is always so interesting to hear what motivates a given writer…I suspect for me it is the teachings of my grandparents, parents, and friends that have colored my view of the world…I respond to ‘things that ain’t right’ or ‘just need to be said’…of course my muse is very unreliable and can in a moments notice head me in a direction that I didn’t even know was there. I have finished poem and asked ‘who wrote this?’ So far no one has confessed to writing some of those poems. May your days be filled with the true beauty of life!

    • That mysterious writer who borrowed your mind. pen and hands, and took you down the paths you didn’t know were there – isn’t it wonderful? I think that’s the best, most magical part of writing.

  3. Sunyoo

    I do love the imagery of your poem. It’s beautifully created. I do also like your last part of the poem, which reminds me that I may be “lost in” trivial daily schedules and be “oblivious of ” approaching mortality… I enjoyed reading your creative work here a lot, so I thank you for that. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind remarks. It’s funny, I never thought about mortality when I wrote the poem – at least not consciously – I thought more about how life seems so perfect as we steadily focus on one thing, and seconds later everything changes, releasing stored up energy that has to move and transform us out of our oblivion. But you took the poem to an even deeper level. Perhaps our greatest transformation is the one that the ominous clouds represented to you – from our trivial little lives to our never-ending home of spirit. Your thinking seems timely, especially now, the day after we lost Quinton Duval – a fine poet, a gentle participant and observer of humanity and a gift for autonomous lines that draw the reader into his mind as if he were speaking to a lover or brother. Do you remember the day we went to a poetry workshop? Quinton was my teacher for the afternoon session. I found my work from his class in my notebook, unfinished and waiting to be noticed. It was the only page with a marker on it, as if I knew I had to return. Thank you, Sunny. You have inspired me once again.

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