Friday’s 55-Word Challenge: Possum Story

He walked the night – a stalker, scrounger of meals, nose quivering, ears listening; a fence-scaler, traversing the edge with tight-rope precision, he reached the end. Dropping down to a black, wet tarmac he padded across. Two small spotlights appeared and grew, casting an illuminated trap. Splat. So ends this possum’s tale.



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29 responses to “Friday’s 55-Word Challenge: Possum Story

  1. haha. sorry i should not laugh but…
    had one on the porch once that would not leave…
    nasty critters…
    nice 55.

  2. oh no – that poor possum….

  3. Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To prove to the possum that it could be done!

    Funny 55!

    • Oh dear – my poor fictional oppossum. Everyone but Claudia so far is laughing at his demise. There may be an opossum spirit out there that will haunt you guys… on a dark and windy night….

  4. Terry

    I really like the new format

  5. Geez, you’re almost as bad as G-Man. 😉 Poor opossum. I can totally relate to being a little slow getting across the road.

    • Don’t worry, my conscience is going to bother me all week for the laughter purchased on this (fictional no less) opossum’s back. Like you, there’s no way I can sprint across roads anymore either. He he. Better watch what I write from now on.

  6. Awww! Poor possum…I was sort of hoping he was just playing possum – lol!

    Great 55!

  7. Road kill a real buzz kill for the opossum family. Great follow up 55 to create a theme on G-man’s post. My 55 is HERE .

  8. moondustwriter

    That is the least ugly possum I have seen.
    I have no compassion they make our lives miserable each summer.

    Great 55

    Have a kick ass weekend

    moonie smiles

  9. Barbara

    Oh no! That’s a great opossum picture! “Splat.” Perfect word, again, the abruptness of death. I once had a squirrel suddenly jump off a stone wall right into the road right in the path of my car. There was no time to react. It was an awful sound. (And I’m a person who will cause a ten car pile-up by slamming on my brakes to save the life any and every little critter who wanders onto the road!)

  10. Awww poor thing. That possum looks kind of cute in the picture though. I don’t think they’re that bad, same with bats and raccoons. Everyone seems to call those kinds of creatures rats, like for example bats, they call them rats with wings.

    Wanna see my 55er? It’s at

  11. Nooooooooo, I love them!!! We have so many around and have their little babies on the back….(I feed them) oxoxx Good flash 55 darling. Sending you love xx

  12. Who knew they were not so ugly? That one looks sort of cute.
    I’m still sad about the car though, doesn’t seem fair at all. Poor possum!

  13. creepy looking thing! SPLAT! Nice visual word (eeeewwww!) Great 55. Glad to see you writing again!

  14. I came to your site to leave my link for this weeks poet’s rally and was sucked into this post. What a clear picture you painted!

    My post is the first spinoff I came up with of “Shoes,” the Cinderella-story poem. Let me know what you think!

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