The Power of Subjective Feedback

I had no idea until you showed me,

thinking I was only poppies and a pond like glass,

that I had such brilliant character within me.

Stepping aside, you spoke frankly and without fear

or judgment, giving me only your subjective perspective.

Now, I am more

than flowers,


and stone.

I am Mammoth,



Jimi Hendrix





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20 responses to “The Power of Subjective Feedback

  1. Feedback truly is more than just praise or mockery. It is, by definition, constructive. Well, at least it is intended to be used constructively 🙂
    The image you’ve used is apt for this poem.. the reflection in it may not necessarily be feedback, unless one wants it to be. One can just look at the reflection and smile at it (or sneer) and do nothing.. or one can look at it, see what’s around, what could add value and what can be taken out of the picture.
    Your word play is the poem did its job very well indeed! Message relayed! 🙂
    An interesting and insightful piece..

  2. soulintention: signed .............bkm

    Fabulous piece I love it – and love that you put Jimmy Hendrix in – get the piece dimension in time as well as space…..bkm

    • Not done intentionally, but boy, I sure do agree with your point. I’ll chock it up on the growing list of things that connect us to a poem. Just like playing golf, gardening and doing life, when writing poetry, one never ceases to learn. Thanks so much for your comment!


    very empowering

  4. moondustwriter

    I love the perspective of your photo and your perspective relayed in your poem
    there is always more

    Thanks for posting this at One Shot Wed

    smiles from the Moon

  5. This one is worthy of a song my friend!! Brilliant ~ Hugs x

    • Love those hugs! Thanks, Amanda. Consider yourself hugged back. I’m seeing something like Dylan…the mammoth would have a nasal voice like his, only deeper. And every time he shook those poppied strands of hair, jimi’s guitar would scream in an elephant-like trumpet and Medusa would moan like a siren and rumble… Think you could produce that? 🙂

  6. that rocked…love the progression of it…and jimi…gotta love jimi…it is amazing how someone can speak frank into your life….that does not happen much in the comments in blog land…i like it when someone gives me the grit over the gloss…

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiastic and most welcome comments. I love the image and sound you gave: giving the grit over the gloss… That’s perfect! Critical feedback often feels like grit on tender skin. It’s really hard to give it to someone without cringing and worrying about hurting them. And when you receive it, you notice it much more than the smooth glossy strokes of compliments because it irritates until you study it, think about it and decide if it has earned the attention it grabbed from you. When it has earned it’s place, the grit becomes like a polished gem, reflecting and teaching, making you more skilled and your craft, more attractive to the readers.
      I checked out your blog and I really look forward to reading more of your work. Cattails was superb. Not a piece of grit in it.

  7. Ah – the grit – you sent me the grit – Thank You! I just fixed the spelling of Jimi’s name. I nearly lost my baby boomer I.D. with that blooper. Thanks for saving me.

  8. funny what happens when you change perspective … turn something on its side…


    • Since turning this photo around, I’ve been going through others, trying to see what they do when turned sideways or even upsidedown. The water obviously lends itself to this exercize, but a few other photos (or parts of them) also produce some wierd and fascinating images. Silhouettes, for example, work pretty good upside down. Great play for the mental sandbox.

  9. or a rorschach test …


  10. I love the whole going from flowers, pond, stone…to real life flesh and blood–and sweeping figures…Mammoth, Medusa, Jimi Hendrix (I LOVED the last one, complete surprise)…Enough energy in those three images to blow the top off the world. Kudos!!

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