For my friend Terry

A one-word poem in pictures










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14 responses to “Suspended

    • Thanks Jingle. Isn’t interesting how one word can have so many different connotations and interpretations, depending on the circumstances (in this case, the photos). It surprises me that any of us manage to communicate when we use more than one word – as if the possibilities and confusion caused by adding more words would increase exponentially.

  1. The images match the word. And the word is full of possibilities. Lovely!

  2. especially the first two pictures shouted “suspended”
    amazing what one can say with one word!

    • Yes, they did shout it out. The third photo had several more subtle ‘suspended’ connotations. Two boys, suspended from school, perhaps, play on a rope and tire swing – their play suspended; the rope, unattached to tree, leaves the whole sculpture suspended in space, while the boys are suspended in time. The sculpture itself was torn from the shopping mall where it stood for twenty years and was sent to the junkyard – suspended from mall-duty; Then as the the boy’s arms were being welded off for the smelt bronze, the scrap dealer noticed it was a beautiful sculpture, re-welded the arms and suspended his demolition of the work. He offered the sculpture to the Boise Idaho parks department, and they gratefully accepted the piece and are building a new child’s section for their botannical garden. Presently, they have run out of funding, so the work on the half-built garden has been suspended.

  3. Chloe

    Great pictures! Perfect! Isn’t it amazing that when you think of something like this….you start to see examples of it everywhere? 😀 xx

    • 🙂 It can get a bit obsessive too. People begin to wonder when you’re walking along having a normal conversation; suddenly you stop and point at the electric wires hanging from poles beside the road, and you jump with glee, exclaiming, “Suspended! Electricity is suspended too!!!” You can tell who your real friends are. They don’t shake their heads and walk the other way.

      • Chloe

        Yes, you certainly can! Both become a bit obsessive (lol) AND tell who your real friends are by the way they react to our craziness! 😀 xx

  4. Barbara

    At first I didn’t get it. I thought perhaps something happened in the news or to your friend Terry and you were trying to illustrate that a “freedom” had been suspended somehow. But as I scrolled down the other two pictures led my thoughts in other directions. So, as long as they don’t suspend your poetic license you’ll remain free to play with the endless possibilities in pictures and words!

  5. Perhaps you could of shortened it up a bit, 🙂
    All kidding aside, so very well done…. creative.
    Peace to you,

  6. Poetry in pictures. Perfect!

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