May-June 2007 039
Turned me inside out
Lush hedgerows, blossoms bursting
Beauty’s soul exposed



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8 responses to “Nature

  1. Oh That is lovely! I want to lie down on that path and read a book! Your poetry is beautiful!

  2. Trish Wentling

    Lovely Haiku….only change I’d make is in line 2. Make the word burst and remove the ‘ing’. Then there will be a true syllable count of 17.

    • Trish Wentling

      sorry…I read it wrong. It is perfect…you have your 17. My eyes are in flux with my cataracts.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Trish. You were kind enough to give critical, helpful feedback – valuable input is something few readers take time to leave. And I can’t tell you how many times I have read haiku, counted syllables, and got a different count each time! 🙂 So your comments are very much appreciated. Bless you.

  3. Truly, there’s no doubt
    Of beningness existing,
    The blossoms disclosed

    • Before the leaves left their branches
      orange and gold burst from their flesh
      and verdant meadows, thick with green
      cushioned their fall
      and the rains chased them into rivers
      and my grandson watched the thousand boats of gold
      swirling, disappearing under bridges and walkways
      and he called out to them, “Bye leaf! Bye, bye!”
      And I smiled as I watched him wave
      for I no longer have to say goodbye

  4. jmchri13

    A lot said in a few words. I think that’s the key with nature writing. (cut to the chase)

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