rainbow-in-clouds 2

She stitches clouds

with rainbow strands

Her threads disappear

invisibly mending the azure silk

Her hills are swept

her valleys washed and rinsed


and rinsed again

Now shining, gleaming

under her waxing


she smiles

No wonder we call her


But then

she has her moods…

Father, wake up!

She has ‘that look’ on her face

Gathering her army

thundering slate-grey battalions

and cumulus lunatic laughter

she sends artillery

frozen, sharp and stinging

targeting buffalo, elk, pony and man

ice bullets pelting hides

they bounce, burst, land and melt

streaming down the rough fur coats

that Father made

knowing of her


winter tantrums



Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “Nature

  1. Such a timely poem, given the extreme weather on both sides of the Atlantic. Let’s hope “that look” on her face disappears soon!

  2. Patricia Wentling

    The four seasons are a lot like people’s moodiness. I loved it!

  3. What a lovely way of describing Nature’s moods. It’s monsoon time here in South India where I’m these days. I’m located in Bangalore for the most part, but visit my hometown in Kerala over alternate weekends,. The skies here now are definitely that of a moody mother , now angry, now unable to keep up the pretence and breaking into grins. 🙂

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