Nadira’s Gift

Through the insanity of “flow” fixed stones of words grow, grounded in clay, slate and molten glass, grass, roots of earth, hearth of sun, mantle of river where water tumbles, crashes over edges like minds of poets and women who sit beside windows and touch across miles and oceans…

and smile because they know they come from the same strain of imagination, rained upon by years of struggle, laughter, tears, fears, and playing with saying words, caring not about madness but only seeking those moments of divinity where life begins and ends in a flash of recognition…

realizing death is just a breath inspired, a change of the woven pattern from knit to purl from water to gas, moving here from air to there where a thought or a prayer pulls Form out of nothing and starts all over again…


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4 responses to “Nadira’s Gift

  1. Oh! I’m overwhelmed!:-) Yout train of thoughts flow along like a smooth stream gurgling along , rounding the ragged edges of wayward rocks and making beautiful pebbles out of them.

    • I think we inspire each other, Nadira…. You took my jagged thoughts and gave me permission to throw them like shale shards into the river where they fell, tossed, washed, tumbled smooth, they landed on brokenpen’s page. Thank you dear friend

  2. Dear Broken pen writer,
    This is truly inspirational poetry. You are really gifted and I am very much looking forward to reading more of your works.
    Regards and compliments. Yuki

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