The Big Picture


layers of ages

consequence of sun and weather

earth bleeding layers of oil

consequence of us


photo courtesy of Jim Waldron



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8 responses to “The Big Picture

  1. How is it possible to create something so beautiful that describes something so tragic? Amazing. I have been wanting to write about the oil spill…even longer the odd relationship humans have to oil and it consequences. I really enjoyed this. Thanks. Sue

  2. Thanks Sue. I started out with many lines of opinion, emotion and description and it didn’t work. So I held the word machete in my hands and slashed, until nothing of me was left, but a haiku poem and the truth. This photograph inspired me, especially because of that ominous crack in the corner, and the thought that in just a few hours I will be thousands of miles above the earth looking down…
    I will miss our conversations while I’m gone!

  3. Just “excellent!” that really is all that I can say about this poem.

  4. This is a GREAT marriage of photo/verse/news. You really said it all…and in so few lines. Pats on the back.


  5. Thanks, Pearl! Since I’m usually such a wordy old thing, I especially appreciate your kind feedback. Perhaps I’ll practice saying more with less…

  6. Can we slow down the ravages?
    Or is it now too far gone?
    Will the impending darkness
    Not have another morn?

    A small photograph and a small string of words so forcefully reminds us of our greed. We lay to waste so quickly what has taken millions of years to become.

    • Oh my, I forgot about that Haiku! Yes, I wrote it within days of the gulf oil-rig disaster and all that black was spewing into the water off the coast of Louisiana. I was so angry about it and it seemed so big, I could only respond with small or the energy of my disgust with us would have been lost between the lines and words. Thank you so much for reading and for your comments.

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