Oh happy tree, branches raised

painting clouds, you worshipped the day and

waved the sun to bed



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17 responses to “Vespers

  1. Lovely!

    Has a nice nursery rhyme vibe to it, in my opinion!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Although that wasn’t the voice I heard in my head as I wrote the poem, I love that you heard another – one that suggests magical things and innocence. Perhaps when we write poetry, sometimes we revert to the time and space and mind of a child, and in doing so, experience life anew. That is truly lovely. Thanks.

  3. Aha… so soothing…
    And you’ve put it in such a warm and tender sort of way…
    The picture TOTALLY complements the lovely poem.. Can’t say which one came first.. the poem or the picture! Really nice!!

    • The picture came first – but then… the memory of my daughter, riding lonely on a new school bus, without friends, seeking solace in one tree on the horizon that every day greeted her, and made her feel at home. She is in her thirties now, yet the tree still stands, looking happy as always, waving to other children.
      So the answer to your question? The poem.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. How wonderful the image compliments your poem. So happy to see your talent shine ~ Hugs x

  5. these words go so well with this fantastic image

  6. I love the colors in ur pic. It is a nice shot!
    Have a peaceful and defended feeling when watching this sight!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this. The image of trees painting clouds is stunning (and so is the photo). : )Sue

  8. moondustwriter

    The art combined with your words is sooo perfect

    thanks for your visit to my site and your input
    with my poetry I write freely – a break from my other writing
    sometimes I don’t really think of the impact of words thru tense
    can I borrow you?????

    • Of course – as long as you promise to give me candid feedback too! Writers who share their honest reactions and questions about their peers’ work, can really help them to become better writers. I always need feedback. Most of the time, I get compliments or no feedback at all. As lovely as it is to receive praise, I especially appreciate it when another writer takes the time to show me what they see, because without their feedback, I am half blind. You have a way with words that is beautiful – I’d be really lucky to receive any critique you can give, though I confess that right now I’m basking in the ‘sooo perfect’ comment above. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Wonderful!! and such a gorgeous spiritual photo.


  10. carolyn cochran

    Cindy, I so loved Vespers. I never really appreciated an individual tree til I moved to the Northwest, and now I’m so often struck by the beauty of a tree I pass. You’ve spoken perfectly about that feeling.

    • You’ll become a tree-hugger yet… Thanks for your comment and continued support of my bloggings. Still thinking of your garden everytime I water mine. I pretend my one rose is as glorious and my one hydrangea as full – alas, they haven’t got the northwest climate nor your loving touch.

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