Libby Needs a Toothbrush

The smell of a rat’s death

from my panting dog’s breath

keeps intruding upon my thinking


How can this author write

clever tomes in the night

when the air she breathes is stinking?


My companion has a brush

It makes her fur shiny and lush

but her mouth has nothing for grooming


If I could, I’d use paste

fresh with mint, it would taste

for dog-halitosis consuming


If I turn on the fan

and allow it a good span

of time, just to cool down the air


perhaps she’ll stop panting

then I can stop ranting

and pen a few words with some flair


Note to authors with similar faithful-dog challenges: I tried the fan remedy. We blew the stink away!



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9 responses to “Libby Needs a Toothbrush

  1. Magda

    This was such a funny poem. I just started brushing my dogs teeth as I could no longer take the rotten rat smell…

    • It all happened because I sat down to write something deep, creative and intelligent for TL, but how can anybody think with that stink? So I figured I’d write a silly poem about it and now the whole world knows about Libby’s bad breath. Luckily, she doesn’t give a damn. Glad you enjoyed it. Hugs to sweet Billy and Lola.

  2. This one really made me laugh, Cindy!!! Poor Libby… Actually, poor you! 🙂
    No no .. I am no sadist or anything.. it’s just this problem I have: I visualize eveything I read! 🙂 And this time, I actually sniffed!!! 🙂 heheheh

    Sweet Libby… I hope she stops panting, and takes some rest instead… 🙂
    Such a humorous poem…phheeeww!!!

  3. LOLOLOL…oh my, how I can identify with that…My Coco is only 7 years now and he has this foul smell in his mouth at certain times too….I laughed so much reading this and you’re right, luckily they don’t know about it!! She is GORGEOUS….tell her Coco said woof woof xxxxx

  4. Barbara

    I LOVE THIS!!! I read it before I left for my aunt’s yesterday and kept thinking about it – then I wished I had printed it out so I could share it with her – I know she’d appreciate the humor! I got a good whiff of your predicament just from reading your cleverly chosen words! And the picture – how can anyone so adorable looking smell so bad!?

  5. Now that’s the question of the century! I asked Libby the same thing. She just grinned back at me as if I was being funny. Thanks for the laughter.

  6. Hilarious! I have a golden that looks just like Libby. He has bad breath, too. Thanks for the much needed chuckle!

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