I love being surrounded

by the one color

that slips through the spectrum

and refuses to be lost or buried in space

always there

like the presence of God

holding a bird

in his hands of air

Holding me,


the color blue

like a perfect prayer



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13 responses to “Blue

  1. Wow, this is just awesome my friend, I felt every word you wrote. Have a wonderful weekend ~ Hugs x

    • Thanks, Amanda. I had a strange thing happen today. A lady came and knocked on my front screen door, and she saw me through the back screen door, writing on the patio. I came in and greeted her. “Come to the conference center downtown,” she said, handing me a flyer. “You’ll learn how to get close to God.” Without even thinking, I pointed to the chair next to mine on the patio. “But can’t you see him?” I asked. “He sits right next to me when I work.” She peered through the screen, looking for God. “I don’t see him,” she said. “Well, I guess you need this more than I do,” I responded gently and handed her back the flyer. “Thank you,” she said, looking a bit rattled. And then she left.
      Soon after that, the light shone through my blue things that dangle above the patio chair where I work. I felt so peaceful and good-with-god, if you know what I mean, so I wrote this piece, without changing a word – it just came out like spreading butter. Or should I say, spreading blue. Thank you for your comments and support; your energy is so lovely.

  2. Oh…this is really lovely…
    your words have done perfect justice to this peaceful color… and the picture you’ve put is so totally apt !!!

  3. Blue is one of the most strange color. It doesnt matter whether we are happy or gloomy… blue is always the “in” thing… And yes.. “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”

  4. your words are very powerful..
    simply enjoy it.

  5. Sunyoo

    Very translucent! I feel like the blue soaks into my body when reading your poem. It certainly transmits a poetic sense!

  6. Never thought of blue as being a color that “slips through the spectrum”. I love your poem because I experienced “blue”…I guess sort of the way God is experienced, experientially, not logically. Thank you, and thank you for your story about the “God lady” who stopped by your house.

  7. Barbara

    I keep coming back here to gaze at your lovely blue ornaments, and to read your wonderful poem still another time. I share your sentiments about blue. Don’t know why but it’s always been my favorite color…

    • Thanks, Barbara. The flat cobalt blue glass actually came from the glass museum in Sandwich, Mass. The teardrop is made of ash from Mt St Helen’s in Oregon and the hearts came from Minehead, England. I must look at those things hundreds of times a day, and I feel good every time I see them, especially when the sky holds it’s own shade of blue after a clean-scouring wind. Blue is a very calming, yet deeply inspiring color. I’m so glad you enjoy this poem. When writing touches something in the reader, it grows inside them and takes on a life of its own. This is what I hope to create when I write – an experience that lifts and heals or digs deep and opens. Every once in a while, someone like you comes along and says something that makes me think, perhaps this time, I did it. Thank you so much for your comments.

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