What if I were God

and you were just a part of me?

 You, the corn on the bottom of my foot

an irritation that hurt when I walked

Would I rub you out with an emery board

or clip you off, and drop you on the floor

then sweep your bits under the rug?

What if I were God

 and you, a breast that disappointed

by being too small, too flat, too thin

Would I slice you open, fill you with gel

and hoist you into a wire-rim

then strut you around – my parceled goods?

What if I were God

 and you, a beggar who walked my street

a living reminder of There-But-For-Fortune

Would I cast my eyes the opposite way

and pretend you didn’t exist

then demand the police move you on?

What if I were God

 and you, a kidnapped slave taken for sex

hidden from laws, devalued as human scum

Would I say it was up to you to fight back

that you should have known better

than to walk alone at night?

 What if I were God

and you were part of me?

 Would I love you?


 For Poetry Potluck Monday:



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23 responses to “Introspection

  1. love you “if” questions..

    beautiful imagination!
    the image on top is breath taking!

    • The statue is in a little botannical garden in Boise Idaho, right outside the old prison (now a museum), and the girl is my sweetheart’s daughter. She just happened to sit and rest there, unaware that her mirror image was so powerful – she moved before I got the camera out, so I asked her to go back and do it again. It took forever to consciously describe how she sat the first time. Funny how the unplanned things are often the best.

  2. Wow. This was so dense, concentrated and intense. I like how it began with something like a corn on the foot then ending in sex slavery. It felt to me that you placed everything on the same line, there are no greater good or evil, everything was an issue of what one does with what is presented: do we act or do we turn away.
    The build up of the poem was effective and the last three lines leaves a reader truly considering the same question. More than anything it puts into perspective our humanity and, for believers, its relationship with God.

    • Thank you so much for your mindful read and in-depth comment, understanding the development almost better than I did when I wrote it. Tonight an old friend of mine who had just read it said, “Were you depressed today?” Oh dear…
      I wasn’t going for the sad factor, I was trying to understand the human-God factor, so you nailed it on the head with your words of humanity, perspective and God relationship. Once again, thanks.

  3. A beautiful meditation– in words and image– thanks for sharing!

  4. The photo is beautiful…

    You ask such powerful questions…what if, indeed. It’s amazing the hurts we inflict not only on others, but on ourselves for such selfish purposes.

    • Are we selfish? Or are we just being human? Is separating from ‘God’ and the knowledge of our connection to everyone and everything necessary for us in order to grow and learn? Maybe it is only through this separation, this stepping back from our greater soul, that we come to realise just what “god” is.

  5. read it twice – and love it!
    love the questions you ask and find myself starting to ask this question as well – to me – what would i do – how would i feel – how would i act?
    and – i’m so glad – i’m not god…

  6. what if i say you write well? 🙂

  7. First off, love that image and the statute. You poem provides poignant social and personal commentary through an interesting lens. cheers

  8. Nice. I like the Quaker thought that I must love that of God which is in everyone. – bill

    • Interesting that you associate a thought with Quakers (do they have the corner on acceptance?) I don’t really know much at all about Quaker beliefs, other than the obvious refusal to live in a modern way.
      It’s also interesting reading people’s different interpretations of what I was asking. Thanks so much for your comments. I’ve enjoyed reading your thought-provoking work as well.

  9. This one demands some serious thinking! Made me REALLY wonder what I would do if I were to ever play Bruce Almighty! There are certain things, we, as humans, can possibly do better… like HELP! God is always in some sort of a political dilemma…but we, as mere mortals, can skip that bit… yea, i know! It does sound ironic… but isn’t that a fact?! Well well well… this is what this fine piece did to me… got me thinking hard!

    Thank you for linking this poem with poetry potluck, Cindy… we are honored to have you here!

  10. Chloe

    This poem reminds me that, if there is a God, then we humans are HIS instruments and we can help mankind through the kindness we offer. We have a choice everyday – focus on the important things…or brush them under the carpet like you say. Thanks for sharing your wonderful poetry xx

  11. This is so powerful and beautiful. It’s a stern reminder for all of us to be more loving.

  12. Beautiful poem. Certainly made me think and happy

  13. Poets rally

    you are featured in inspiration of the week at poets rally, Thanks to your support.

    keep it up.

    • Thanks P Rally. Last night I attended an event where several poets read their work, and one woman “performed” hers. Her work was so good, I held my breath, grasping every word. Then I bought her book at the end of the night. Tara Hardy, “Bring Down the Chandeliers” published by Write Bloody Books. Inside the cover, she wrote, “If you write enough poems, your life changes.” So thank you Poets Rally and all contributors for writing and providing a place where we can write for change, for love or inspiration.

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