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Some things just shouldn’t happen

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray dear Lord our house to keep

My Daddy looked for work all day

The tow truck took our car away

and Mommy cried in front of us

She said we’ll have to take the bus

Dad came home; he looks so mad

When Mommy cries, it makes him sad

All I can do is sit and pray

that they’ll not take my dog away

He makes me laugh; he’s lots of fun

I play with him, we skip and run

He’s my best friend, and I am his

We made a pact, and here it is:

Where ever you go, there I will be

Cause you’re my dog, and you love me

So help us Lord to stay together

On sunny days and windy weather

He’s more than dog, he’s more than friend

He’s my brother lord, and his name is Ben


Today as I dropped off another van-load of rescued golden retrievers at the Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Sanctuary, I saw a family in tears. Mother, Father, daughter and son. I didn’t need to ask – I knew why they were there. It happens all too often. Job goes, house goes, family goes, and no place left for the dog. At least this family did the right thing. They brought their beloved pet to a shelter where it will be well taken care of and a new family will be found. When I found this old photograph of my friend’s son and his dog, it made me think of that boy today, red-eyed and crushed, and I wrote the poem for all those kids out there, and all their much-loved pets.

This piece was submitted for Imperfect Prose

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