One Shoot Sunday – Photo Inspired Poem

This photo, taken by Rodger Allen Blaut and offered to poets as inspiration for writing, along with his interview on meditative photography, inspired me to offer this piece, written several years ago in the form of a sonnet, and re-written in free-verse this morning.  Feel free to visit One Stop Poetry if you haven’t already. A great site for poets, writers and lovers of the art of words.

Ice Retreat

Four trees like soldiers stood

to bear her arms

Tears carved

wet, black trails

down weathered bark

a sigh released

breath-trace of love

once full, now stark

a promise smashed

Eyes that once held warmth

scraped angry scorn

ice against her face

She ran into the copse

where song of lark

and trail of fox

led through the realm of hart

where fallow doe could trust

wood’s gentle form

In the rough bark embrace

her heart sensed the tree

rooted in loam and leaves

decaying history

witness to her shame

absorb her despair

surge and throb

pulsing empathic beat

One wafting copper leaf


caught in a strand


like a mother’s hand

upon her hair



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18 responses to “One Shoot Sunday – Photo Inspired Poem

  1. I read through a number of your posts and have enjoyed them all. They flow nicely, drawing me from line to line. And rich thoughts. May your work be fruitful. – bill

  2. I cannot agree more with what Bill said…perfectly penned my friend. Hugs x

    • Thank you! And thanks for your e-mail telling me about Jingle’s new Monday blog – looks good!
      I have to get back on line later and do some reading – I’m falling behind… There are so many really good writers out there. Yourself one of them.

  3. You have an interesting style. I like the cadence (if that’s the right term) of your poem. I like how the short lines create a rhythm. I would offer a better comment to this poem, but I have none at the moment. Except maybe, I enjoy how you structure your lines. It’s great to have met you in this big blog universe. I’ll try to drop by as often as I could.

    • Thanks so much 83. Your logo, by the way, is cool. Very professional – I love it! Looking forward to our mutual enjoyment of writing and sharing. Cadence is the right word. Perfect word, actually. It means the music of the lines. Glad you felt that – to me poetry isn’t poetry without a sense of music in it, either in word-sounds or in the rythym.

      • You’re the first person to say anything about my logo. Glad you like it. 🙂 It’s one of the first things I made upon learning how to work on certain software.
        Yes, there is music in poetry.I break my lines depending on how I want the poem to sound.

  4. wow…brilliant imagery, Cindy! It’s really amazing how a picture can inspire…isn’t it?!
    Bring out the deepest feelings, that you never even realized existed!

    A beautifully written poem, my friend… carried through perfectly till the end..

  5. I really like your writings here. I saw your post on lovelyannie79 page: if you aven’t already received it, seven Storey Mountain is AMAZING!..worth every second of reading..quite a being

  6. hello friend, thank you for visiting my blog and for your very kind comment 🙂

    this poem was high in imagery, loved the graphic 🙂

  7. shoelessboywonder

    Indeed something to be treasured. well done my friend – hope to read more from you in future events

  8. lovely imagery! and the flow of your language is mesmerizing!

  9. Beautiful and a little sad. In the end, this is Mother Nature at her most loving.

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