“This was your mother’s,” the coroner said, handing her the homeless woman’s only belonging.

“Guess she couldn’t part with it.”

Inside the carefully wrapped parcel was a lock of hair.

The young woman embraced the lock.

“Looks the same color as yours,” he said, a kind, sad smile in his eyes.



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11 responses to “Memories

  1. OUCH !! That was sad AND creepy! An entire story in such few words!!! Phhewww

    But you know what !!! My mom had saved my curls the first time I had a hair trim! Apparently, I had lovely hair when I was a kid, and she didn’t just want to throw it away! I wonder why she made me have my hair cut in the first place then!! Aaarrrhhh … MOM!!!! 😀

    • Well, girl, you’re the one who challenged me – 160 characters or less!! My Mom saved our first curls too and proceeded to take me and my sister to the BARBER. No more curls after that. Thanks, Mom. The photo is my own daughter’s curls. I kept hoping when I wrote this that she wouldn’t think the story about the homeless dead lady was me. 🙂

  2. moondustwriter

    As a momI know what we treasure – our children

    Oh I am so glad you put this up at One stop

    hugs from the Moon

    • Thanks for your welcome comments. I love the One Stop challenges. Writing such short stories really teaches you to find the telling words – the right nouns and verbs that show the story and put you right there at the crux, leaving just enough for the reader to fill in the gaps and tell their own version of the story. Very creative!!
      Big Hug back

  3. This was sad but very much heartfelt!! Good one my friend ~ Hugs x

  4. dustus

    Very touching and thought-provoking piece of fiction. thanks

    • Thanks, Adam. Does anybody remember an old Bette Davis film where she played a homeless lady and her daughter was married to some prince? That story crossed my mind when I wrote this piece, but mine had a sad ending – hers didn’t. Anyway, I really enjoyed the process of writing such a short story. As you can see from this alone, I seldom use less than 1,000 words to say anything. 🙂

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