Dead drifted wood

Harboring frost

Dreaming ghost branches


Rising sun warms

Crystal meditation

Awakened water flows


Earth thirst quenched

Knowledge released

 Memories take root


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Jingle’s Poetry Picnic prompt: Spring

Thursday Poet’s Rally  – Wk 60

dVerse Poets prompt – Imagery

Haiku Heights – Gem



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27 responses to “Reincarnation

  1. love the imagery, very well done.


  2. How lovely that was! Nicely done. smiles, Terri

  3. Evokes an easily overlooked beauty.

    • I read your 3 haiku poems and tried to leave a message on your site but couldn’t; for some reason it wanted me to sign in to Google. So I’ll leave it here, hoping you’ll see my message. I love the third haiku the best, as it made it seem that the children and the sun were cohorts playing a game – the wall and shadows being the checkerboard pieces. Very nice haiku!

  4. ooo nice…i like the progression in this…from death to new life…well played…thanks for sharing it at dVerse

  5. This is really great. A process of spring coming to, the words bring the hiberating seemingly inanimate alive. The last one seems to come back around, building memories, a way of growth as well. 🙂 Truly wonderful.

    • Hi Raven – For some reason I’m unable to leave comments on several non-wordpress blogs today; don’t know why, so I’ll leve it here, hoping you come back to read this reply. I read your imagry poem and loved the tension and its nature of delicateness, the plant only open to communing with sun or the gentlest breeze. Very nice indeed.

  6. i love the Earth thirst quenched and memories taking roots…what great images…and the pic is just gorgeous..looks like a white fur…all warm in it’s icyness…nice

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouraging replies. I love it when people respond, as I make a point of visiting their sites, and then I get to read their work, discovering awesome poets/writers/thinkers and celebrate the work of old writing friends.

  8. These are wonderful images in haiku form. Thanks for sharing.

  9. hedgewitch

    First one is my favorite. Very neat little micropoems.

  10. Shawna

    I love this one:

    “Earth thirst quenched
    knowledge released
    memories take root”

  11. Lovely way to interpret the picture through poetry. Loved it.

    Here is my entry:

  12. The thing with haiku and condensed poetry is one has to add thought to image to make it full as one has to add water to condensed milk. When one adds the depth of thought to these poems one finds the unexpected depth and a sort of imagistic metaphor – Chopped wood missing limbs..memory of that which is lost regardless of what is lost, the memory resides in the cells as long as the cells last and perhaps are remembered in the energy of the cells when they are burned..the memories released into the atmosphere. It’s what you “feel” when you walk down fifth avenue and sense returning veterans on VJ day, or walk through Montmartre and sense Chagall and the Russian painters walking past the abattoirs and hearing the cows low. They’re not there any more, and you didn’t hear them but you are surprised you sensed them when you were there and later you read they were!

  13. kez

    the circle of life is everywhere if only we look ….thank you for sharing x

  14. Stunning photo of the frost! I loved your poetry, especially the line, “Earth thirst quenched.”

  15. “Dreaming ghost branches” – love that so much.

    Some excellent writing here.

  16. Loved #3, and the rich imagery throughout – thanks for sharing!

  17. I love #3! The icy picture is fittingly lovely, too. 🙂

  18. Nice haikus! I’ve never read anything that expressed reincarnation so well 😀

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