Becoming Grannie

Nothing in the world


so make sure

you write it down 

Many things happen

from now on

In your garden 

a new tree

bears chocolate fruit

and promises

years of sweet



when that little child

looks up at you

and says


tell me about

the day I was born


Entered in Poetry Potluck Monday with Jingle – Week 26




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62 responses to “Becoming Grannie

  1. Barbara Rodgers

    The ultimate joy! Such beautiful pictures and thoughtful poetry. Little ones! 🙂

    • My friend Andrea is flying in tonight to be with her daughter, currently working hard to produce Andrea’s first grandchild. I wrote the poem for her, while remembering my daughter’s first labor. What a magical moment – another little soul to welcome.

  2. love it, super magical and lovely sentiments, join us if you wish.

    • Thanks, Jingle. Since this was a special poem for my friend Andrea, whose first granddaughter was born last night, I elected not to use this week’s prompt of lies and deception. No, this baby is for real – sweet and precious, and so is the moment of becoming Grannie.

  3. no problem,

    free verse is welcome also, what a precious treat,
    bless your friend.

  4. I heard it’s pure joy and now how I can I doubt it with that ‘chocolate fruit’? Lovely poem 🙂

  5. its nice to know people who enjoyed being who they become every moment of it! here’s my potluck

    • Hi five-loaf. If you can’t enjoy being who you are, the alternative is denial and faking – which is bloody hard work, or misery and alienation – which is totally self-absorbing, boring, and useless to anyone else. It seems to me we are given these choices in order to find out if we want to make fools of ourselves or to make our little part of the world more comfortable for others (and for us). Having tried the fool option many times over, I have decided it is much easier and more pleasing to enjoy what is. Wrinkles, degenerated joints and all.

  6. The picture is as beautiful as the poem. I can’t wait to be a grandmother.

  7. Wonderful. I am just an aunt, but i had my fair share of those imaginative things like giant spiders breaking jars. Your poem radiates warmth so befitting of the topic.

  8. Thanks for linking to poets rally.

    precious and admirable sentiments shared.

    • Thanks Jingle. I got confused with all the questions and Yes/No answers and no idea where to answer or which was the right answer or the most important question…so when I pushed the link, I was wondering what would happen – I’m so glad you just showed up and said Thanks. I needed that! 🙂

  9. Love, joyous, the growth, the journey in life.. You pen it all in your poem.. 🙂

    I love it.. Here is mine for the rally.. Nice meeting you and see you.. 🙂

  10. meticulous Wisp

    This makes me think of the ‘tradition of the tree.’ My son’s Dogwood is just starting to sprout. Great ending.

    • My family had the same tradition. My daughter lives in England now and went back 10 years ago to see her tree in Sannich, B.C. – she couldn’t believe how big it was. I did the same, went to Connecticut to see my dogwood – I brought home leaves from my brother’s maple – they are pressed and on the wall beside me as I write – my brother died last year, but his tree lives on. It is good when you plant a tree for a person – I never thought to plant a tree for my grandchildren, but now I’m thinking that would be a lovely way to let them know how much they mean to me, long after I’m gone. Let’s see, I have to buy three trees… What fun. Thanks for the idea!

  11. Ina

    This is so nice! I just heard Ishall be a (first time) granny in October 🙂

  12. Very beautiful. I’d like to be a grandad someday that my grandchildren can look up to and be proud of.

  13. thingy

    Such sweet words. Terrific. : )

  14. Ever since I’ve become a mother I’ve been in awe of the special relationship between a child and his grandmother. It is a special one indeed filled with chocolate fruits!!!

    • Lucky you, Aleza, not only to be a Mom, but to have a grandmother there for your little one. My grandchildren are in another country; I miss so much of them. But their other grandmother is wonderful and gives them alot of her time. I try to be a Granny and a Mom to people over here who haven’t got one. It all goes round…Love never stops working.

  15. Aww.. how sweet!!! I think the bond shared between grandparents and grandchildren is magical… gosh.. how I miss my granny 😦 The stories she used to tell me… our random hand-in-hand walks… awesome!! Really, like you said, NOTHING can ever compare to that feeling of sheer joy…

    I loved the “chocolate fruits”… somehow, it describes the relationship PERFECTLY!! 🙂

    • Thanks Kavita. I always want to eat my grandchildren when I’m with them. It takes a tremendous amount of moral strength not to just gobble them up – they’re so delightful, soft and sweet. Even when they’re 2 days away from their last bath and 2 seconds from the muddy hillside – I just want to pick them up and wolf them down. My three little chocolate truffles. (No, I’m not the Big Bad Wolf.)

  16. I, too, adore being an Grandma. Noting like it in the world!

  17. oh, my, kiss to you for sharing such sweetness.

  18. You just made me say “Aww” after the last line. Between the picture, chocolate fruit mention, and the child curious enough to ask about being born… a wonderful poem.

  19. How sweet reading this brought tears to my eyes. I recently lost my grandma and I used to ask her to tell me stories all the time.
    I especially love the part about the chocolate tree.

    • I bet she loved telling you those stories. Thanks for sharing your love for Grandma – wherever she is now, I know she she still loves you and feels the love you have for her. Those things just don’ t die.

  20. Such beauty and love! The best gift of all. being a grandparent. Moments to cherish and love.

    here from one shot wednesday.

  21. big smiles….this left me all kinds of happy…great one shot

  22. love the joy that comes from this poem, puts a smile to my face..

    here is my link:

  23. oh this is so beautiful – love the chocolate fruit tree and the promises – and this last line warmed my heart..

    • My daughter used to love hearing about the day she was born, and so did I, from my mother. (My grandmothers died so I neber knew them). I think it’s important for children to know this story, and especially to know they were waited-for with great excitement and welcome.

  24. I have had the pleasure of being there with the birth of all three of mine….love your poem.

  25. A tree bears chocolate fruit, I like that.

  26. Lovely write-up..And the best part is the way you have described a tree bearing chocolate fruits which promise sweetness.

    Alcina-Your breathe

  27. this poem is charming !!
    Happy Rally

  28. So soft and beautiful… loved it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  29. -D

    reading your poem made me nostalgic. i suddenly missed my grandma. thank you for your lovely work.

  30. Awww!! This is so cute! I loved the last lines. I could so imagine that scene! 🙂

    And the thought of chocolate fruits is oh-jus-so-tempting!!! 🙂

    Keep writing!

  31. I like that. I like that a lot, BrokenpenWriter.. I think my grandmother would agree with you too 🙂

    Here’s My Poem For Poets Rally

  32. i loved it all
    this is a fine poem

    peace & love

  33. Evelyn

    great picture and wonderful words…

  34. Oh, I love this. It’s so sweet, and so true.

  35. This is beautiful, Cindy. I especially want to congratulate you on your publications. I am an animal person and the plight of dogs in war-torn or disaster affected countries has always moved me. I will look forward to reading your stories and admire you for writing them. You go, girl!

    • Thank you so much – for the enjoyment and the support. Animal people will need a particularly large box of cleenex when they read the book; and so will mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, grandparents and kids. The dogs who have the story read to them will only need enough room for wagging their tails.

  36. Just accidently got introduced to Jingle and what a find it has been!!. So many poets many many wonderful people to commune with. I loved reading this. Am so waiting to be a grandmother myself 🙂 Every turn on Life’s road has its own share of beautiful vistas. Happiness is learning to take in large bits of it into one’s soul .

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