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May-June 2007 039
Turned me inside out
Lush hedgerows, blossoms bursting
Beauty’s soul exposed



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Kuai / Break-through


Thunderheads rising           riding blue streams 

on grey, chasing invisible dreams and destinies

seeking indigo mountains past rivered foothills


All the while  an egret stands – brilliant white 

in sun – goldened light,  legs deep  in verdant 

grass meadows,  oblivious of gathering storm



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My Daughter’s Face

Curled dogwood blossoms fade

from pink to mottled peach.

Light, that shone from within,

like the glow on your skin

when you lay swaddled at my breast,

sits heavy on leathery petals.

In shy retreat they greet the hardening sun,

browning at edges, older, wiser and ready

to begin feast of wind, bee and pollen.

Germination into seed, freed into earth.

Thrusting through seasoned mulch,

three dicotyledon sprouts, their flesh

fresh and green, like your children

reaching for sun and space,

thirsty for growth and claiming depth,

determined to make

blushing pink.


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