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Farley’s First Poem


The shining leaves

mysterious windy path      

shining grass

dazzling glittering sunshine


 (NB.  windy as in winding, not wind blowing)  Farley is 6 years old, and he made this poem up without help – it’s all his own words, stanzas and ideas. His mummy will help him read all comments and feedback.  This photo is one of the lanes that Farley walks on nearly every day.


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Opportunity Knocks

On the edge of this island farm, a crinkled, indigo ocean waits

below massive mountains that rise into snow-capped ridges,

like Samurai swords, slicing the blue with ice-pick white

defining the border where earth and sky meet.

Eagles, gulls and terns circle and swoop

as sunlight catches and flashes on their wings, 

their cries falling high above the fog horn’s moan

disappearing like shadows in gossamer mists;

You can’t see them, even though they are there.

You know, but knowing isn’t enough.

All you can see are tussocked rows of lavender and green 

perspective points of view on this land at your feet.

Lines merging, and lost in the brilliant fog, 

they tempt one to enter and stroke

the soft, yielding heads of mauve

knowing this is their moment

stealing the mountain’s glory

like purple Prima Donnas



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