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Pond at Dawn on July 4th

Four ducks, in simultaneous flip

Pure white bellies upon  dark pond surface

Bottoms up in morning salute

Photo courtesy of Canon Digital Photography Forums


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Oh say, can you see

gnarled roots, like toes curling into sand,

by the dawn’s early light,

merging soil and tree in perfect union?

 What so proudly we hailed

our man-built structures – angled roofs, supportive beams,

at the twilight’s last gleaming

blossomed bed of red and blue and one white pole bearing handsewn cloth,

whose broad stripes and bright stars

carried the vision, the passion of fathers and mothers

through the perilous fight

of sisters and brothers in the name of freedom.

O’er the ramparts we watched

as shells scattered bodies, their limbs, upon this soil,

were so gallantly streaming

blood, tears and screams, while thousands died,

And the rocket’s red glare

reflecting on silent eyes, lids frozen in stares at

the bombs, bursting in air,

wallowing waves of war over survivors’ grief, and

gave proof through the night

in the terrible glow of dues paid in ultimate sacrifice,

that our flag was still there.

With hands on hearts we stand, claiming love for this place.

Oh say, does that star

still carry the night? Throbbing beacon of light,

spangled banner yet wave

as a child beginning life, merging purpose with dreams

o’re the land of the free,

this union of cultures and stories, harbor of refugees

and home of the brave.


The Star Spangled Banner lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key


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