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Zen Riddle

On the tree-bordered path

an old man and a boy

with long hazel sticks

walked side by side

rain hats and jackets

zipped to the top

pockets buttoned

keeping their maps dry

They shared old stories

and young ambitions


The wind rustled up

a twister of  leaves

full branches overhead

added their rain to the sky’s

Beneath, the walkers hunched shoulders

tucked chins down

and collars up

The path grew steeper, darker

and the heavy sky

grew heavier


Are you sure you can

walk this, the boy asked

It’s a long path

The old man’s eyes hinted

watery sweet laughter

The path is fine, he said

walking steady

stepping strong

When I was a boy

this path was long


The boy wanted to know

if the route had changed

or been shortened, but

No, nobody changed it

the old man replied

You mean the path shrunk

as you grew old?

Is the path your youth?

No, said the old man, smiling

It is just a path

Submitted for One Shot Wednesday        


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Libby Needs a Toothbrush

The smell of a rat’s death

from my panting dog’s breath

keeps intruding upon my thinking


How can this author write

clever tomes in the night

when the air she breathes is stinking?


My companion has a brush

It makes her fur shiny and lush

but her mouth has nothing for grooming


If I could, I’d use paste

fresh with mint, it would taste

for dog-halitosis consuming


If I turn on the fan

and allow it a good span

of time, just to cool down the air


perhaps she’ll stop panting

then I can stop ranting

and pen a few words with some flair


Note to authors with similar faithful-dog challenges: I tried the fan remedy. We blew the stink away!


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Pond at Dawn on July 4th

Four ducks, in simultaneous flip

Pure white bellies upon  dark pond surface

Bottoms up in morning salute

Photo courtesy of Canon Digital Photography Forums


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