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May-June 2007 039
Turned me inside out
Lush hedgerows, blossoms bursting
Beauty’s soul exposed



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Love-Hate Relationship

I share it with my aged dog

and with the skunk who flavors the night

outside our bedroom window,

with the gardeners who sit on the lawn

eating knapsack lunches of red thermos soups

and coffee with enchiladas and chicken wings,

and with my neighbor who cries after dark

only a screen and her loneliness between us,

and with thick-skinned shrubs by the door,

and with my writer’s desk – the patio table

that serves in all weathers except those below frost,

with the tissue that catches my sneezing results,

with roofs, gutters and condo paths

and black-paved neighborhood drives,

and with drains that carry the showered flour

of green and yellow wind-bourn dust,

I share the fare of reproduction

unplanned and promised tomorrows

from insect-assisted procreation,

wiping it off my laptop keys

washing it from swollen eyes

and coughing in irritation


all the time

loving what it brings – trees,

leaves, grass, bark and blossoms,

spring green and summer gold

and autumn, crazy and colored,

taking only the winter to rest, until

up the nose it goes again

this love-hate relationship with



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