Just for Fun: The Secret Life of a Writer’s Gum

Pristine wad of pressed paste,

sleek, soft

and neatly placed

in silver 

unfolding sweet aroma,

enticing with ease, a sublime

salivic response.

Then, undressed and plucked from foil,

drawn through space and

touched to tongue


rolled over knobbles

of taste buds,




Indentions shaped by warmth and wet,

jaw-clenching frustrations slip away

dimpling, twisting densely

into leaf-like lumps,

it cracks when chomped 


between semi conscious teeth,

dispersing winter’s green.


Exhausted sap of black birch,

extracted from mouth

and secretly laid to rest,

bears witness

to winter’s waxing words,

an unsung hero



beneath the

white ash mantle

of a budding

poet’s desk.



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44 responses to “Just for Fun: The Secret Life of a Writer’s Gum

  1. ha. mine is chewed until thoroughly dead of any flavor but if my wife caught me putting it under the desk…yikes. fun one shot!

    • Thanks Brian. Just for fun, why not chew some gum, stick it under the desk, leave it for a few days to get rock hard and then show it to her – just to see her reaction? Have your camera ready and post it for all to see… 🙂

  2. cute! Although, gum under desks is so gross! Fun poem you wrote here.

    • Sorry to gross you out. If it makes you feel any better, I got down on my knees and looked under this desk, and there is no gum under there. I made it up. But don’t go looking at my old school desk. That’s another story…

  3. Gum as muse, I love that.

  4. dustus

    Indeed, gum has a secret life. Agree under desk gum is gross. Like the descriptions in your poem. Nice One Shot!

  5. So wonderfully fun! An ode to gum.

    Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com

  6. An ode to chewing gum, unlike any other I’ve read. Thanks for the fun!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Maureen. Sometimes writing something serious about something very silly helps me to break into a new style or area of writing. And after the last few days of sadness, that ended with a happy ending, the gum seemed an appropriate way to celebrate and expand. Thanks for your comment!

  7. moondustwriter

    This is so clever. I’m thinking this we would be such a great prompt.
    Poetry is so versatile – thank you for this wonderful display of creativity

    moon smiles for One Shot

    • While searching for a gum image, I found all kinds of gum art (Yuck) though truly amazing what people are doing with it these days. One was a sculpture (made of chewed gum) of a large bear, licking a wall that had a piece of gum stuck to it.
      Wonders will never cease… Just thought I’d mention it for your prompt – Gummy art – Yummy. 🙂

  8. I don’t chew gum, but I loved all the images you created here. I love that even the simple act of chewing gum can become poetry! And reading that people create images with ABC gum – YUCK!

    • Thanks Talon. I love to hear when I managed to please a gifted “visual” writer. Sorry about the yuck factor. And just for the record… I don’t put my chewing gum under my desk. Really. 🙂

  9. an unsung hero…crushed between semi conscious teeth..love it
    how you manage to take something so ordinary and write something so cool…will never chew a chewing gum again between semi conscious teeth without thinking of this..

  10. Unsung no longer!

    Nice One Shot!

  11. Nice One Shot! Maybe I need to chew more gum when I write; my pen tops will thank me.

  12. Ironic! I read your post on the day that I had gum for the first time in probably a year! How cool is that. Mine was an Orbitz raspberry lemon mist though, not wintergreen. Delicious.

  13. alright i have to admitte i did that once
    i know its gross and everything but i couldnt let the teacher see me
    hahaha great one shot

  14. That was sense-sational! I could feel, taste, lose the taste, feel the crunch, and get tired of it all in one go! I smelled that smell and it took me back to childhood when my mother would peel the inside paper from the silver and then make a tiny silver fan for me. Hadn’t thought of that in years. Thank you. Gay @beachanny

  15. This is hilarious, an ode to gum….I just love this soooo…Perfect OneShot…happy to see you there darling 🙂 xxxxx

  16. LOVE IT! i felt like i was actually chewing wringley gum as i read the poem and then I started to think about all the things in the world which are used for our pleasure (radio, tV, walkman, mobile phone in some cases) and then thrown away or in this case stuck on your desk.
    The picture is Fantastic too.

    • Great stuff – I love to hear when another writer/artist is inspired to think in new dimensions. My partner is just getting ready to ditch his old turntable recordplayer, amp and speakers (from the 1970’s) because all his music is now on his Ipod. I wonder how they, with so much ability to play music still within them, feel, knowing they’ll soon be taken to the ECO waste shop and pulled apart into tiny bits, melted down and recycled. Will the music still be in them? Will the Beatles’s energy and Judy Collins’ voice hover in their molecules, or will they lose all memory of ever having made such wonderful sounds? Like the spent gum hiding under the desk, stuck in unfortunate limbo, they die, wilt and fall apart in unglorious, unsung anonymity. Thanks so much for your lovely comments!

  17. Ha Ha! Nice work. It’s always interesting to think about the “lives” of various objects and what they go through. =P

  18. love the playfulness throughout in this, finding me thinking am i reading too much sensuousness into this gum?
    as ever you keep focus on the central point and everything serves to the purpose, soe fine lines too.
    much enjoyed 🙂

  19. Very well done, you have talent to take ordinary things out of the life and make it move up in the scale of visibility… You have that Child like curiosity and the eye… Keep it undiluted as you go further…Enjoyed it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  20. Enjoyed reading this.. wonderful observation..
    It’s cool, like the gum.

  21. Your gum inspires words? I’ve got to get another brand.

    Very cute.

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